Business Development

Have you ever thought that your whole business can be summarized in a A4 leaf of paper? Do you know that anything else more than that can be dangerous for the targets and the establishment of your business plan? We will apply in the best possible way the business model canvas for you to be the road map to your way to your success.


Customer Identification

You got an idea or technology. Let’s go from your idea or technology to the necessary understanding of who and why will want to buy your product. We will help you to:

● Identify prospective customers
● Contact them
● And finally, select the right customers for your business.

We will guide you through a series of concrete, practical, and effective steps that will help you make your idea very real.

Project Management

Project Management seems to be the best practice that leading organizations across sectors and geographic borders have been steadily embracing as a way to control cost, time and quality in order to improve project results.
When the Crisis hit us, this practice became even more important. We are here to take over your project management with methods and strategies that provide reduced risks, cut costs and improved success rates—all vital to surviving the economic crisis